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LLA Status: Suspended
LLA suspension can be decided by MSCI for various reasons, ranging from administrative reasons (example: non payment of royalty fees for use of the ASC logo) to integrity issues (such as failure of maintaining accurate records to demonstrate the certified origin of a product).
LLA Status: Not Applicable
- LLA was may be never needed by the company,
- Certificate holder might be using the LLA of mother/sister company
- LLA could have been terminated because the company doesn’t need one anymore,
- LLA could have been terminated because ASC Program Assurance team has detected some breaches of the clauses of the LLA,

In case you would need to purchase products from a supplier who holds a valid LLA and the supplier doesn’t have one, you may check directly with them about the reasons of absence of LLA. You can also check the suspension list where LLA suspensions/terminations taken for integrity reasons are displayed
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